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Frequently asked questions

We have gathered popular questions in one place, so that you are easier to find the answers. The most popular questions will be published in the FAQ section.

How to pay for participation in the WorldVision Contest?

To apply for participation you have to prepare:

  • a document identifying personality and age of a participant (color scan of the document)
  • your photo
  • video records
  • submit the application form
  • pay the registration fee and save the document confirming the payment
  • please fill in purpose of payment as “Registration fee for the participation in the WORLDVISION MUSIC CONTESТ”.
  • The payment shall be made to the bank account specified in the Statement of the Contest (you can also find this information in the confirmation email, that you receive after submitting your application). All commissions for the transfer of money are payable by the participant at his/her own account.

Do I have to pay for the participation at each round?

No, this is a one-time participation fee. You have to pay the specified amount in order to take part in the whole Competition.

What are the requirements for video quality?

You can find this information in the Terms of participation in the contest.

Do I need to record a new video?

The first video should not be older than 12 months. You need to record a new video in every next round.