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 1        BIOGRAPHY
If one carefully observes her CV describing her long career, one immediately understands that music has always been deeply related with her life. The continuity thread through all her research work is passion, and an unfading desire to discover any new minute subtlety contained in each sound.
And so, through this approach, she has at length developed a meticulous and passionate research body, relentlessly deepening into the study of several instruments and the human voice.  She started with the saxophone when very young and has studied even to exaggeration the baritone techniques. She then progressed towards cello and accordion in her evolution as a composer.
She then expanded her fields - devoting herself to several clarinets, Caribbean steel drums, and a whole series of ethnic instruments that bestow life into her “Peoples’ Legends, Instruments and Voices” performance - narrating the story of Grung, a migratory bird from the Armenian tradition.
Her studies of the natural voice emissions took her to research original texts in several different languages for her performances. She investigated into each sound. In this way she has started to sing in Armenian, Mongol, Inuit, Persian, Sephardic, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romani languages without forgetting French, German, Spanish or English. As Claudia Bombardella says: “… inside the sounds of each language lie the secrets of all people  ….”
Simultaneous to her research work Claudia ardently develops her capacities as a composer – non-stop, she brings to life many original melodies and arranges pieces for musicians collaborating with her. Though many of her works are still unpublished, she has recorded 10 CDs, which have received recognition and important referrals in Italian and international magazines. Her musical formations and projects are showcased in Italy and relevant European music festivals. She achieved the 2008 Teresa Viarengo Award for artists devoted to traditional and ethnic music. 
Since 14 years ago she is intensely devoted to her project “Vocals and Creativity” imparting seminars in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. This is a research considering human beings from the point of view of psychoenergetics, and it involves a clear-sighted immersion in sounds. Consciousness is activated and grows, ever subtler, as one’s own potential for vibration and resonance develops. This path also leads to access our innermost and most remote zones - and will enable us to enter the world of tensions/distensions, harmonies/disharmonies within our whole being. 
2        TRAINING
1984-1987: Jazz studies in the Akademie Remscheid, Germany. Studies on theatrical expression with Ugo Chiti and at the Orazio Costa School. Worked with several theatre companies.
1987-1995: Saxophone and composition studies at Fiesole Musical School, Florence-Italy – where she then taught for 7 years. Here she researched saxophone ergonomics and world traditional music. She composed, arranged and conducted music for a variety of wind formations. She won the “On the Road Festival” in Pielago, Italy for three consecutive years. 
1999-2000 Vocal Expression studies with Kaya Anderson. Teaches and writes music at the “Creative Voice Laboratories” of Roy Hart Theatre in Malergues, Montpellier, France.
2006-2007: Vocal technique with Marida Tosto. Then at the Lichtenberger Institut fur Angewandte Stimmpsysiologie [Lichtenberg Institute for Applied Voice Psychology] near Darmstadt, Germany.
2008 she studies Pesian singing with Masha and Marjan Vahdat, later on she studies Daf in Tehran wit Mohsen Taghinejad
Since 2010 she studes Taiji and Qigong with Silvia del Conte
Since 2016 she studies Quantum phisics wirth Richard Bartlett, Joe Dispensa, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton
2018/19 she studies indian singing with Supriyo Dutta and in Toronto native american singing with Sherryl Sewepagahan
3        TEACHING
-  Teacher of saxophone at the Fiesole Musical School for 7 years. Here she researched saxophone ergonomics and East-European traditional music. She composed, arranged and conducted music for a variety of wind formations. She won the “On the Road Festival” in Pielago, Italy for three consecutive years.
2001-2002: Taught voice and movement creativity at the Arcobaleno Association, Luca, Italy, as part of a training course on counseling.
- Since 2001 she is devoted to research on vocals & creativity, voice and health, imparting seminars in Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Germany. She has also launched her didactic performance “Peoples’ Legends, Instruments and Voices” in several schools of Italy and Spain.
Since 2008 she teaches Vocals at the Studio Longo Bellesi, Florence, Italy; she imparts intensive seminars on harmonic vocal development in Italy, France, Spain and Czech Republic.
2009/2011 she runs the “Creative Composition” course for the Master of Fine Arts degree at the Arezzo Academy of Arts, Italy.
During over 20 years she composes and arranges the music of all her project from which 10 cd’s: 
o   1996 Shalom Trio, edited by Ema Records.
o   1997 Klezmer Experience, Tuscany Orchestra and Soloists, edited by Frame
o   1999 Maremma Quartet, edited by Ema Records
o   2000 Instruments for Peace, Harmony Cantata orchestra & choir, edited by Ema Records, commissioned by the "A Temple for Peace" association
o   2003 “Runinando” for trio
o   2004 “Paesaggi Lontani” (Claudia Bombardella Ensemble)
o   2008 “Un mondo fra le mani” (Claudia Bombardella Ensemble)
o   2012 “Coscienza di sole” Soundtrack of films
o   “Il Risveglio” For string quintet and Choir
o   2014 “Sonata di Mare” for Orchestrada
o   2017 Dvd “Le vie dello spirito”
-       She composed and arranged the “Sintflut” [the Flood] ballet dance music for the Volksoper Orchesta, Vienna. Also for the “Algerian Dream” performance commissioned by the Toscana Music Pool and in collaboration with Luca di Volo, featuring an orchestal formation with Italian and Algerian musicians.
-       2001 she is part of the “Multicolour Orchestra” conducted by Giancarlo Schiaffini; some of her compositions have been published with them in their “Parade” CD, edited by Materiali Sonori.
-       2002-2004 Works with the “Occupazioni Farsesche” theatre company showcasing their “Votate Lucifero” performance with script by Ubaldo Soddu and directed by Riccardo Sottili. This performance participated in the XXII International Theatre Festival of Saint Petersburg.
-       Composes and arranges the music for the “Claudia Bombardella Ensemble” with to CDs published, “Paesaggi Lontani” [Far Away Landscapes] and “Un Mondo fra le Mani” [A World in Our Hands], edited by Radicimusic.
-       Composes and arranges music for the “Claudia Bombardella Trio”
-       Composes and arranges music for her solo voice performance “Peoples’ Legends, Instruments and Voices” in which she plays 21 different instruments; this show has been performed for theatres and schools in Italy, Spain and Germany.
-       With her different formations she has taken part in concerts and important European festivals.
-       Wrote the music for the films “Consciencia di Sole” [Consciousness of the Sun], “La Scelta” [The Choice] and “Radio Core” artistically directed by Alessandra Povia. 
-       Together with Alessandra Garosi (piano and composition) and Lorella Serni (voice) she composes music for the monologue “Diary of Teresa Wilms Montt” published in CD format.
-       Teaches Vocal courses at the Leonardo da Vinci School, Florence.
-       In 2007 she inaugurated in Luxemburg the European Year of Culture   with her quintet music.
-       In 2008 she was awarded the Viarengo Prize devoted to artists who interpret traditional and ethnic music. She was referred in the following way: “Multi-instrumentalist and singer, she conveys in a very original way the essences of tradition, presenting it through new sounds and creative ideas from the point of view of timbre and composition. A vanguard figure of the new Italian acoustic music.
-       In 2009 she wrote the music for the “Le Vie dello Spirito” [The Paths of the Spirit] concert for quintet and choir.
-       In 2011 she wrote the music for the “Il Risveglio” [The Awakening] concert for string concert and choir.
-       In 2013 she wrote the music for “Orchestrada” a septet with young extraordinary musicians and in 2014 she realizes the CD SONATA DI MARE with Orchestrada,
-       In 2018 Writes the solist project “le mille voci del Grung”
In 2019 Collaborates with the artist Elisa Franzoi and her project “Nothing to sell” at the Macro museum of contemporary art in Rome

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Claudia Bombardellа

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