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Janice Wang

FlagUnited States, Arcadia California

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Janice Wang is a 17-year old high school student and young composer from Southern California. She has studied the piano for almost 12 years as well as the violin for almost 8. Her journey for music composition commenced and ignited a great passion in 2017, where she started off by experimenting and combining various harmonies and melodies together on the piano. Her ambitious explorations soon lead to her discovery of music improvisation, thus sparking her career as a young, amateur composer. Throughout her years in the composition industry, she has competed both regionally and internationally, naming her as a 2x 1st place and 2nd Place winner in the National PTA Reflections Art Contest in Music Composition, 2nd Place Winner of the 1st District PTA's Reflections Contest, Third Place Winner of the International Composer's Award of Vienna/Austria by the Franz Schubert Conservatory, recipient of the MTAC Advanced Level Certificate in Piano, and has also received a 4+/5 rating on the Composer's Today State Contest Music Composition Evaluation Exam. Additionally, she has also served as former Principal Second Violinist section leader of her school's String and Concert Orchestra, as well as a violinist in the Arcadia High School's Symphony Orchestra -the school's top and most prestigious orchestra. Janice has previously studied composition through masterclasses with professional, notable composers, namely Professor Doctor Dario Cebic. Apart from music, she is also involved in a number of other extracurriculars, including founding her own non-profit organization in aid of healthcare and underprivileged communities amidst COVID-19. Over the past year, she has written a few duet compositions for her local healthcare workers and plans to expand her talents throughout the music and healthcare community. Her work is mostly featured on Youtube, with aspirations to continue her music composition endeavors in college and beyond as well as compose her first orchestral piece for a symphony orchestra. 

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Janice Wang

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