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Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori

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Tiakani for Cello and Orchestra

The piece starts with a call, that intuition which tells you that there is more to life than the usual daily routine. From this call a journey starts, where you start searching for yourself.
During this journey you open your eyes to the  horror of what is happening in the world: war, the violence and usurpation of our home mother earth, the violence against women in all its forms, all the discriminations and injustice. Until the point you search again inside yourself and you realise that when you look in the eyes of people, independently from gender and race, in the eyes of animals, be they dogs, cows, cats or pigs, there is no difference. Humans, non humans, we are all one.
This arises some questions: who are we really? Why are we here on earth? Where do we come from? Which then will put us in search of the song of our soul.
In the meantime frustration takes over, not to be able to do anything to change the situation in the world. Until you realise the solution is an inner revolution of all of us. When you heal yourself you heal the world. Only in this way we can create a new earth.

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Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori

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