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Nigel Haywood

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Nigel Haywood is a composer and performing musician based in Barcelona. He was born and brought up in Yorkshire but later moved to Newcastle upon Tyne where he studied recorder and early music with Layton Ring. During this time he obtained a degree in Music (Creative Arts) from Northumbria University.

Some time after moving to Barcelona he became involved in a project with an alternative artists' campus on the outskirts of Barcelona, l'Ateneu, Nou Barris. Here he collaborated in the creation of a circus show inspired by Yiddish culture called 'Klezmer Circus', for which he also composed and arranged  much of the music. The subsequent performances of this show around the world became his principle activity along with which he has combined his actividad as music teacher in Barcelona.

He has played clarinet in several jazz and swing formations. Recently his main interest has been in the study and performance of music from Eastern Europe. 

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Nigel Haywood

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