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New Third Work

waves and beach. A roaring sea, a fiery sunrise, a divine sunburst...

In ancient Greece, music is an achievement of the mind, not of the "gut". It arises from halving, thirds, fifths of sounding strings... a prime number theory coagulated in music, applied geometry. This is reflected in this symphonic poem.

The setting includes three symphonic sound images that trace the metamorphoses of Zeus and Europa, the king's daughter he kidnapped:

1) The bull

2) The lovers

3) Love and the Divine.

The orchestra is romantically equipped and reinforced by percussion and bells.

The first picture, held in an unsteady, breakable 7/4 time, is dominated by brass and percussion, a simple, urgent motif determines the musical development - interrupted by the "white bull", a glimpse into the sky of the Greek world of gods.

The second picture is a potpourri of European love songs, alternately intoned by solo violin and woodwind, intoned only instrumentally and partly alienated. It is delightful to have these songs declaimed and performed in advance; Text and music separate in order to reunite in the listener's head.

Only in the third picture does the full string instrumentation sound. Set in triplets of 3, 5 and 7, in accordance with the ancient Greeks’ understanding of prime numbers, they unfold, together with a chorus only intoning vowelisms, a hymn that is based on two old songs, the song of the Seikilos stele (Hadrian period 117–138 AD .), -sung by the "English Horn" and timpani, - and the oldest surviving song, the Hurrian hymn from Syria (1400 BC), the homeland of the Asherah, which was sung about in this melody. Love lines to a moon goddess. The latter sounds, intoned by the bells

As if from a distant time over to us.


Meine neue Arbeit:

Serenade Nr. 2 aus den deutschen Kurkonzerten „Wir schaffen das“ (Kanzlerin Angela Merkel)
Oboe, Klarinette, Fagott, Horn, Violine 1 und 2, Viola, Cello, Kontrabass
--- Such dir einen guten Satz aus und übertrage ihn musikalisch, das ist humor in der klassischen musik

Serenade Nr. 2 aus den deutschen Kurkonzerten "Wir schaffen das" (Kanzlerin Angela Merkel)
Oboe, Klarinette, Fagott, Horn, Violine 1 und 2, Viola, Cello, Kontrabass
--- Einen guten Satz aufpicken und musikalisch übertragen, das ist Humor in der klassischen Musik

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 Theologe und Komponist

 Konzerte für Sitar

 Performances, z. B. "Gesänge zum Schwebenden" für die Ernst-Barlach-Ausstellung in Münster 2018

 Symphony "The Religions" Münster 2015 / Osnabrück 2018 and many more

 www.himmelsklang.eu und www.norbert-ammermann.de


Thanks to Abishek Ganguli and Bibhashi Bhaduri for encouraging me to take this step:

 My submitted work: "Raga - 5 miniatures for string quartet and Tabla, to be arranged in any order, about stories about Krishna from the perspective of the Occident".


Norbert Ammermann, geb. 1956

Theologe und Komponist

Konzerte für Sitar

Aufführungen, zB "Gesänge zum Schwebenden" zur Ernst-Barlach-Ausstellung Münster 2018

Sinfonie "Die Religionen" Münster 2015 / Osnabrück 2018 u.v.a.m

www.himmelsklang.eu und norbert-ammermann.de


Mein Dank an Abhishek Ganguli und Bibhashi Bhaduri, die mich zu diesem Schritt ermutigt haben:

Meine eingereichte Arbeit: „ Raga – 5 Miniaturen für Streichquartett und Tabla, beliebig anzuordnen, über Geschichten um Krishna aus der Perspektive des Okzidents “.

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