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Aleksey Pshenichny

FlagBelarus, Minsk Minsk City

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Born in Minsk in 1988, Aleksey Pshenichny is a professional pianist. Graduated with honors from the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory in 2013, he maintains performing activities in Belarus and abroad, performing both solo and in chamber ensembles. Winner of several international piano competitions.

Aleksey started composing at the age of 6, so composing music has been an inherent passion since childhood, becoming something vital and inseparable. It’s not just about “making music”, it’s much more about the way to be in touch with every living being without words, feeling sound vibes all around.

Aleksey is interested in a wide range of genres and instruments, paying attention to ethnic instruments as well. 

Aleksey believes, that one of the most important skills for any musician is to learn to listen to silence.

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Aleksey Pshenichny

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