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David Gollins studied  classical composition at the Royal College of Music, London;  but  the ‘swinging sixties’ attracted him into the theatre world, which was then going through quite an exciting period. Here he composed various pieces of incidental theatre music as well as designing and  directing. He built and founded the Watermill Theatre, (a small country theatre near Newbury)  which has survived to this day as a professional venue.
From the eighties he was  engaged on the production staff of the English National Opera, and, time permitting, composed various musical projects. From the mid nineties he lived in Italy, and studied Belle Arte  in Rome, exhibiting annually in Italy Germany and America. 
Because of I’ll health, David Gollins returned to Britain in 2019, where he now lives and composes. He is also proud to be associated with a proposed National Schools  painting competition, for the planting of trees, funded by the Ernest Cook Trust, called the Tree of Life competition.

About THE TREE OF LIFE composition.

In this work, the final round of the WorldVision composers competition, David Gollins has written an allegorical  piece symbolising the very real and serious World problem of deforestation in the time of modern consumer activity over the last billionth of a second of man’s existence on the planet.

He has been inspired by the work of the Italian sculpture, Andrea Roggi, whose iconic bronzes of THE TREE OF LIFE, led to the inspiration of this work. 

David Gollins is also grateful for the chance, through the WV, composers competition, to express his heart felt concern for the ENVIRONMENT, and for the very delicate finite WORLD we all live in. He also thanks past voters for helping him to get into the third round. 

He is indebted to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for their fabulous digital engravings of the score, without whom he would not be able to enter this competition. He is also indebted to Globegig Media Blackpool, for creating the graphics and putting this presentation together. Thanks also to PrintBlackpool for their contribution.

All donations (not mandatory) will be forwarded to ‘The Tree of Life‘ Schools painting competition for the planting of trees, administered by the Ernest Cook Trust after the competition ends. 
Registered Charity Number 1146629


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David Gollins

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