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Ryan Coleman

FlagUnited States, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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Ryan Coleman is a Pennsylvanian composer whose music integrates a diverse collection of innovative and modern elements.  Ryan devoted his child and young-adulthood to the pursuit of musical composition.  As an adult, Ryan has continued that pursuit along side his professional career in Information Technology.   

"The ability for people to envision a future, and shape the world around us in order to materialize that future is what makes humanity special- the ability to create.  My goal is to spend as much time creating art as I am able to."  

Ryan has composed instrumental works for large and chamber orchestra, as well as popular music.  Most of his formal training was received at the Duquesne University School of Music.  As an instrumentalist, he plays guitar, piano and saxophone.   

Ryan's believes his music should include all manner of harmonic techniques available to a composer, including a dynamic variety of scales, modes, chords and tonalities.  The resulting aura is a blend of fresh new sounds and an inventive variation on more familiar 'traditional' harmonies.  

"I prefer to not limit the tools I have at my disposal.  All musical tools have a certain effect on the art and the listener, and as an artist, I don't want to put limitations on the effects that will be utilized in what I am creating." 

Ryan's priority is his wife, Susan, and his two children, James & Katelyn.  He hopes to some day be able to write music professionally full-time.  

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Ryan Coleman

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