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Gaetano Santucci

FlagItaly, Salerno Campania

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 Was born in Salerno in 1976 (under artistic influence of his father, Mimmo Santucci), he graduated in Cello, Piano, Composition, Harpsichord, Didactics of Music and Instrumentation for bands.
 He studied at the Conservatories of Salerno, Naples and Milan.
 He studied cello with the following teachers: Liberato Santarpino, Arturo Bonucci, Christian Bellisario.
 He studied piano with Francesco Scarico, Vincenzo Balzani and recently at the Viu International University of Valencia with Brenno Ambrosini and Francisco Escoda Patrón.
 As a piano soloist he has performed many piano works by Alfredo Casella and Gian Francesco Malipiero and made his debut with the concert in D minor BWV 1052 by J.S. Bach.
He studied composition at the Conservatory of Salerno and Naples with Maestro Giancarlo Turaccio.
He also participated in a course for film music at the civic of Milan with the masters Sergio Miceli and Franco Piersanti.
He studied harpsichord with the masters Danilo Costantini and Giorgio Spolverini.
From 2015 to 2017 he taught at the Conservatory of Alicante “Oscar Espla” in the class of Maestro Repertorista al Piano.
-       Cello Master’s Degree, Conservatory of Salerno;
-       Piano Master’s Degree, Conservatory of Salerno;
-       Composition Master’s Degree, Conservatory of Salerno;
-       Band Instrumentation Master’s Degree, Conservatory of Salerno;
-       Music Teaching Master’s Degree, Conservatory of Salerno;
-       Master in Musical Interpretation and Research, Valencia Polytechnic University;
-       PhD Student of Art: Production and Research, Valencia Polytechnic University.
 “I like reading, listening to music and traveling to meet new people and cultures. I am also a cellist and pianist and I continue to study with various teachers.  In addition, enrolled in the PhD at the Polytechnic University of Valencia for a research on the extended techniques of instruments of the new lutherie for a thesis of a performative nature.
Below is a list of my qualifications to help to Know something about me before our meeting”.


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Gaetano Santucci

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