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Nana Tchikhinashvili was born and raised in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Since 1995, she has been living and working in the Netherlands. In 1989 she was admitted to the Conservatory in Tbilisi, where she studied both Conducting and Singing. While she was still a student at Conservatory, she was one of the youngest singers ever to be asked to join the Academic State Choir. As a conductor, Nana developed her own, unique style. In 1994 Nana graduated from the Conservatory in both Conducting and Singing.  Next to that she has composed pieces for mixed, female and male choir, some of them with instrumental accompaniment. Since coming to the Netherlands, Nana has been working as a composer for a variety of animated and documenter films – including ‘In the park ‘ (1996), a
film that was commissioned by the RVU. Also, Nana has composed music
for De Balie in Amsterdam (1999) and for the Dada-project (2003)
that was commissioned by the VPRO. In 2003, Nana composed the miss
‘Moderato Cantabile’ .This was done for the chamber choir Moderato Cantabile and is kept (together with Ave maria) in the archives in the St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
(a choir that she founded in 2001), and also another pieces: ‘Ave Maria’ (2006), ‘Pater Noster’ (2015), ‘Cherry tree’ (2016), ‘Miserere nobis’ (2017), ‘Ladybug’ (2017),  'Jesus' (2017) ‘Our Father’ (2019), ‘Deus Noster’ (2019)’, Butterfly’ (2019), Trees (2020), Cherubim (2021), Our Father (2021), Like a diamond (2021)

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Nanа Tсhikhinashvili

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