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Israel Ruiz Ayala

FlagMexico, Xalapa de Enríquez Veracruz

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Israel Ruiz Ayala, born in 1994 in Mexico City, began his musical studies at the age of 6 with private piano teachers. From an early age he shows inclinations to write music by making small pieces as a game. Son of two musicians determined to support him, they abandoned their life made in Cancun to move to Xalapa in 2008 where Israel began his studies at the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) from initial cycles. When he lived the sudden death of his father, he dedicated to him an Elegy. His career as a pianist was always accompanied by the pleasure of writing music, composing miniatures and some studies for piano. It was not until his professional cycle when, in 2015, he changed his profile from interpreter to composer. In 2021 he begins his master's degree in music at the UV. He has taken classes with professors such as Ryszard Siwy, Arturo Cuevas, Mario Delgado, and Emil Awad. He has participated in festivals such as FICA 21, UANL Composition Festival and in: "Fidelo Piano Composition Contest" in its 12th edition, winning 2nd place in the minimalist category, Finalist in the "Valley Winds International Composition Competition" being among the 10 finalists from 386 works from around the world. 

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Israel Ruiz Ayala

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