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Chikako Iversen is a Japanese composer/conductor living in California. She has won the best sound track award from Culture and Diversity Film Festival and 7th IMA vox populi award.

Chikako has participated in several Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensives, where composers are selected to conduct orchestra with their original scores. In 2018 in the Czech Republic with the Moravian Philharmonic she conducted her original composition "Chi-no-Wa." In 2019 she conducted her original composition "Heaven's Gate at Summer Solstice" in Veracruz Mexico with the Orquesta Filamónica de Boca del Río.

Chikako has been commissioned for compositions and conducted her compositions with Song of Angeles Flute Orchestra in Los Angeles. She has also been commissioned to write a concerto and suites for a Double Contra Bass Flutist for which she also produced an album.

Chikako also produced the concert series The Depicted Vibrations in San Diego where she showcases performers and new works by contemporary active composers.




2021 Conducting:

Conductor's Retreat at Medomak

Los Angeles Conducting Workshop and competition

2020 Compositions:

Suites Tso’s Prayer, (CD Tso’s Prayer ) featuring a double Contra Bass flute

Concerto for Two Low Flutes and Marimba

Tatsu no ko Taro (Japanese story-telling composition)

2020 Conducting:

Recording session, Flute orchestra, Los Angeles Film conducting Intensive master class

2019 Compositions:

A Grateful Crane / Flute Orchestral Score

Meteor Shower / Arranged for flute orchestra

Every Now and Then / guitar and flute

September Lullaby / Jazz ensemble

I must have been here before ~at Venice~ To the Est / Small jazz ensemble

Heaven’s Gate at Summer Solstice / Orchestral Score, LAFCI summer concert

Friday Night at Santa Monica / Flute Orchestral Score

Fuji no Takane ni / Orchestral score

Namida Karete / Orchestral score with Baritone singer

Ballet suite Hagoromo Prelude / Orchestral Score

2019 Conducting:

Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra

LAFCI Summer concert in Vera Cruz, Mexico

Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive master class

2018 Compositions:

A Night of New Moon / Percussion trio

Story-telling Bamboo Hat Jizoh / Percussion Trio

Heaven’s Gate / Brad Dutz quartet

Gold in Blue / Small Jazz ensemble

Gold in Blue / Big Band

Gold in Blue / Flute orchestra

Chi no wa / Orchestral Score, LAFCI summer concert in Olomouc

Tuning point / Big Band

Suite for a Double bass and a Flute

Adagietto from Symphony No.5 by Gustav Mahler / Arrangement for Flute Choir

September lullaby / Jazz ensemble

Perdido ( arrangement ) / Flute Orchestra

2018 Conducting:

Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra

LAFCI summer concert in Olomouc, Czech Republic / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra

Flute choir performance in La Jolla, California

2017 Compositions:

Suite: A Circle of the Sky / Brad Dutz Quartet

Webisode “Fairly Sane” by Tomorrow Pictures / Soundtrack

Meteor Shower Introduction / Flute Trio

Meteor Shower / Flute Trio

Sazanami arranged for flute trio

Summertime (arrangement) / Flute Trio

A Call from Ocean

A Tranquil Afternoon

2016 Compositions:

Suite, Amagoi, dedicated to Owen’s Lake / Violin Duo

Feature film, “Counter Histories: Rock Hill” by Tomorrow Pictures / Soundtrack. Best sound track award in 2018 ( Culture and Diversity Film Festival )

Trailer, “Trans-mission love” by Tomorrow Pictures / Soundtrack

2015 Compositions:

Suite for Miracle Moon / Chamber Ensemble Sazanami / Arrangement for Chamber Ensemble “His prayer” by Tomorrow Pictures / Soundtrack

Ballet Suite Hagoromo: The Conversation of a fisherman and a celestial maiden Ballet Suite Hagoromo: Fisherman’s dance

2014 Compositions:

“Boxing Chick” Tomorrow Pictures / Soundtrack

Sazanami for Flute, Harp, Bassoon

Bonfire for Flute, Harp and Bassoon

Shines of the Dews for Flute, Harp and Bassoon

Ballet Suite Hagoromo : Dance of a Celestial Maiden Yellow Leaves for Japanese bamboo Flute

Read Leave for Japanese bamboo Flute

Red Dragon for Japanese bamboo Flute

After the Festival for Japanese bamboo Flute

Matsuri for Japanese bamboo Flute

2013 Compositions:

Hace mucho tiempo for String quintet with piano

Mi Rosa for String quintet with piano

¿Y tú? for String quintet with piano

Puesta de sol en el Océano for String quintet with piano

3 O’clock in the morning for Jazz ensemble

2012 Compositions:

Voice of the Darth for shinobue and orchestra

Spring has Come

Release CD “Agua” / easy listening

2011 Compositions:

Quenched / (midi)

Rock it / (midi)

Romantic vibration / (midi)

The Pacific / Orchestral score

Ballet Suite Hagoromo / Descent of the Celestial Maiden / Orchestral Score

1999~2010 Compositions:

It’s before the Rainstorm, Night Wave, Star light, Swing time, The River, Thirsty for love, 

Walking down the street, What’s in a little pocket, Wind chant, When You Open the Door (midi)

Agua (midi)

What a summer brings (midi)

Requiem, Love Forever, Moon Light,  Time Passed,  Star (midi)

Midnight Date (midi)

Moisture (midi)

Atlantic Nostalgia / Jazz ensemble

Kaze / Jazz Ensemble

Peach Breeze / Jazz Ensemble

Shower Shower / Jazz Ensemble

Lotus flower ~Overture~ / Orchestral Score

Turning Point / Jazz ensemble

Red shoes / Ochestral Score

From the Changes / Orchestral Score

1997~2000 at Berklee College of Music

Mashaka by Eric Wainaina, arrangement for a Berklee singers showcase band In a Cold breeze Air by Eric Wainaina, arrangement for a singers showcase band Oh John, arrangement for a singers showcase band

You Will be in My Heart, arrangement for a singers showcase band

Snow Flakes / String orchestra

For a sSentimental Reason (arrangement)

Odaiko New England shinobue performer

Music agent in Kanazawa, Japan / Lounge performance, wedding, corporate Music agent in Toyama, Japan / Lounge performance, wedding. Corporate Tokyo: La Vien Rose / keyboardist, flute, sax

Studied at Yokohama Jazz Contemporary Institute

Toyama Wind Ensemble flute player

Toyama Minami High School

Conductor, rehearsal leader for school band Chattanooga Chuchu ( arrangement)

Toyama piccolo-call youth choir

Yamaha music school


Best Soundtrack / Counter Histories : Rock Hill (Culture & Diversity Film Festival)

IMA 7th award Vox Populi (New Age) as akiko/firebird999 (tea drops from heaven)

ISC semi finalist / Amagoi (violin-piano duo)

Runners up award / Song of the year contest (Hace mucho Tiempo)

Hollywood Music Award nomination / New Age (Love Forever)


Berklee College of Music (Diploma in Professional Music)

Yokohama Contemporary Jazz Institute (Jazz Theory, Jazz Performance) 

Yamaha music school (Piano private lesson)

Hamamatsu art workshop Composition by Shigeaki Saegusa

NYU/ASCAP Film scoring workshop 2011

LAFCI spring 2018, Summer 2018, 2019

Conductor's Retreat at Medomak, 2021

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