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Claudio H. Martinez Garcia

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Claudio H. Martínez is a professional composer who dedicates most of his time working with music composition, children, video, radio and production. He's a music teacher in preschool, primary and secondary school at Colegio Madrid since 2007.

He's a radio host of the show CLAUDICAMOS at Reactor 105.7 FM. He also wrote, hosted and directed the weekly videoblog from youtube "Histeria de la música" (“Music hysteria”) -Silver YouTube button for more than 100 thousand subscribers in the channel-.
Music composition of the documentary "Personare" by Ana Salgado and Diego Martínez, audience award in DOCSDF.
Finalist of the contest "Musica Extrema” with the piece “Caída libre" ("Free falling").
He has a Composition degree from the Trinity School of London and a Master degree in Didactics and Pedagogy of the musical teaching from the Cardenal Herrera University.
He published the book "¡Qué infantil! Más aburrido es sembrar lombrices" (“How childish! More boring is sowing earthworms”) with the publisher "Sin resentimientos" in December 2020.

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Claudio H. Martinez Garcia

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