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Javier Arеllano Alameda

FlagSpain, San Lorenzo de El Escorial Madrid

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Born in Madrid (1967) being, in my professional life, a Computer Science Engineer by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and teaching in Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia as an Associate Professor as well as working for an international Company in the same sector.

In my vocational life, everything rotates around music. I started playing guitar and piano inspired by my Classical, Prog-Rock and Jazz listenings. Then I joined a choir, which allowed me participating in International Festivals and Contests across Europe and America.

In the last years, I have been developing my Composition and Guitar career with  José Luis Merlín, internationally recognized in both fields, which is, in turn, disciple of Abel Carlevaro, Mario Waselbaum and Leónidas Arnedo (professor in the Conservatory of Moscow and Vienna),

In the end, what matters is the strength of the feeling that impels you to write music, to shape the thoughts emerging from who knows where, which insistently claim having a form. At that very moment I am not sure who is the source and who is the channel.

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Javier Arеllano Alameda

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