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Ricardo Partida

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Music composer from Guadalajara, México. Joined to the first generation of bachelor's degree at Academia de Música Fermatta and shortly after he finished made his internship making music composition for the State Choir. The choir piece "Penumbra Iluminada" premiere shortly after by the State Choir on the "Young State Composer's" programe.

Some years after he participated on a state contest named "New National Classical Composer" preparing his first Symphony called "Battle Of Issus", sadly no award won. A month later, exploring new music mediums he started an Internship on a indie game studio as music composer and sound designer, which gave him the opportunity of taking part of some game projects like "Trumpealo", "Pet City Balloons" and "Tobacco Slayer".

Later on his career, he got a scholarship to join the master degree in Hispanic Music at Universidad de Salamanca. In Salamanca, Spain, Ricardo Partida started the master degree with the idea of finding more about Music in games and films thanks to the investigation line of the master in audiovisuals, during his time he also composed his Second Symphony, a version using VST is published on Spotify right now, but it has not been performed.

Once finished the Master Degree he returned to México and worked as freelance for a Visual Novel, where he put on test his ability to compose on a various genres and mix classical, metal, electronic and more. His last work as composer was with Game Studio Karaokulta, making the Gameplay track of the game and Some Design.

Right know he works primary as Elementary School music teacher but he spends his free time on composing new music pieces, doing some music covers and more. He has a little project on mind for the end of the year!

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Ricardo Partida

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