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Dante Muscas

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Dante Muscas obtained his diploma/degree in choral music and choir conducting in 1989, three years ahead of the standard time, at the G.P da Palestrina Conservatory of Music in Cagliari. It was in this context that he also trained as a composer, attending the harmony and counterpoint course held by Maestro Vittorio Montis. 
His artistic and musical career was promoted by the then president of the Oristano Concert Society, Dr Alba Passino, and he began his musical studies under the guidance of Maestro Donatella Frongia. For his excellent results, he was awarded several scholarships and a piano. 

He has written several compositions, numerous transcriptions and reworkings for choir and strings. 

With the composition Director's siognatures, dedicated to the magistrate Giovanni Falcone, he won first prize at the 10th International Power of Music Competition with a special mention from the jury. With the same piece he won the regional phase of the WorldVision Composers Contest and in the national phase with "Gherra" he won fourth place. At the International Music & Stars Wards, Director's Signatures competition he won the silver prize for best chamber music, the silver prize for best voice and the bronze prize for best concept. 

One of the musical experiences that enriched him the most on a professional level, as well as from a human point of view, was the composition of the piece Director's Signatures, which he wrote in honour of the exalted Magistrate Giovanni Falcone and which the Ministry of Education, in the Regional School Office for Sardinia, recommends the wide diffusion in all schools of all levels, as a didactic tool against mafias. Appreciation for this work has been expressed by important institutions: Falcone Foundation; President of the National Coordination of Teachers of Human Rights Prof. Romano Pesavento; National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor Dr. Federico Cafiero de Raho; Orchestra Conductor Federico Maria Sardelli. 

Among the various recognitions received, attesting to the validity of the ethical and musical character of the work, the performance of the piece by the Prestigious Musical Band of the Italian Army stands out, on the anniversary of the Capaci massacre on 23 May 2021, exclusively for the students of the Terralba Comprehensive Institute. 

Muscas constantly improves his musical training by attending masters, ateliers and conferences on choral conducting and musicology. He is the founder and director of the children's choir "Coro Anch'io" of the Istituto Comprensivo di Terralba, winner of eleven first prizes and several special mentions in national choral competitions. He is also the Director of the Res Nova Choir of Terralba, with which the Orchestra of Sardinia of Oristano collaborates splendidly on numerous occasions.


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Dante Muscas

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