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Larry Tuttle

FlagUnited States, Los Angeles California

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Larry Tuttle writes iconic and optimistic music with a strong sense of story. His works are powered by archetypal musical elements, emphasizing evocative melody, compelling structures, and a propulsive rhythmic style.

Larry is the winner of the Pittsburgh Symphony’s H.J. Heinz Company Audience of the Future Composition Competition, with his work CHORALE AND FIDDLE TUNE. His re-imagined march for concert band, BIG WORLD, placed second for the 2020 American Prize, and his concert overture BY STEAM OR BY DREAM won second prize at the Keuris Composers Competition in The Netherlands, in the category of Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

Larry is also known as one of the world’s foremost composers and performers of music for the Chapman Stick, a hybrid instrument that combines qualities of the electric guitar, bass and piano.  Larry’s group FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC played an anything-goes mix of contemporary classical, soundtrack, rock, pop and improvisation.  The aggressively hybrid nature of that group directly foreshadowed the music that Larry is writing today.  His solo album of compositions for The Stick, THROUGH THE GATES, is considered to be one of the landmark recordings of that instrument.

Larry is a composing and performing member of CELA (Composers Ensemble of Los Angeles).  CELA is a twelve-member composer’s workshop group dedicated to developing and promoting new music.  

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Larry Tuttle

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